The information in this section provides information on the legal responsibilities and obligations related to the methods of sending bulk SMS and electronic communication. This information is vital for your business to continue legally and serves as a guide for you not to be scammed by institutions and individuals who do unlicensed under-the-stairs business outside of your legal obligations. Please read the following information carefully and contact us for any questions you may have.
We can collect the most important issues you need to pay attention to about bulk SMS and electronic communication under 3 main headings:


A valid STH license


Data security and backup


Eligible invoice contents


The company you receive service from must be a licensed active enterprise authorized by the Information Technologies Authority (BTK) and holding a " Landline Telephone Service" (STH) license. Never buy services from a business that does not have an STH license. In the event that you work with such a company, legal provisions come into play with the complaint of end users and you face serious fines. Before purchasing the service, be sure to look for the STH license on the website of the relevant company and even if you find it, check whether this license is valid by querying the website of the Information Technologies Authority.

ORGANIK HABERLESME TEKNOLOJILERI BİLİŞİM SAN. VE TİC. LTD. STI.' Its license number is STH-250. To inquire and confirm this license or any other license number, please visit the website of the Information Technologies Authority linked below.

License Inquiry


Before purchasing bulk SMS and electronic communication services, ask the relevant company for a security check that your data is backed up, encrypted and stored and not shared with 3rd parties . Companies that provide unlicensed and under-the-stairs services can sell the person and number information they store in their databases to 3rd person and institutions. If your guide information is shared by the company you receive the service without your knowledge, the state will take you as an interlocutor and you will face heavy fines. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to choose the company you receive service carefully.


The service you have received is considered to have special status before the state. Therefore, make sure that your invoices have " Special Communication Tax" (SCT) other than VAT in tax items. The invoices you receive in exchange for bulk SMS and electronic communication services, which only say "service fee" in the description, have no validity. In order to issue invoices with SCT, the company providing the service must have an STH license. This issue is also included in the provision of law and heavy fines are applied in case of non-compliance.


Service providers are obliged to conclude a "Service Contract" between them and their customers. These contracts are recorded and controlled by BTK. Those who use and make use of the service without any contract face criminal terms. Ask the company you receive services from for this contract and make sure that it is reported to BTK.


For the return of overdue, undeliverable or unsuccessful shipments in your shipments, the service provider cannot have an application such as manual or time-limited return and is not legal. Returns of all unsuccessful shipments should be provided instantly, without waiting, and no fee should be charged for this. If you are faced with such situations during the return of the service you have received, please notify BTK and stop the service you receive immediately.


When sending SMS with commercial content, make sure that you learn all your obligations as an end user. You are responsible for any criminal liability for such submissions. Therefore, carefully research the company you receive service from and choose it after being sure.


With the entry into force of the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce on May 1, 2015; Provided that there is a direct supply of goods or services between companies and consumers, the databases created by obtaining the electronic communication addresses of the recipients for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages are considered to be approved. However, after this date, in accordance with the ETC, companies will now be able to carry out their marketing activities in electronic environment and their commercial content submissions to the customers they have received permission for.

You, our valued customers, want to send targeted SMS to the provinces, districts and regions where you are located in order to increase your business potential. Opportunistic companies in the sector may share unrealistic GSM numbers with you in order to make their misleading services value-added. By law, data sharing is illegal. Never pay attention. In the event of a complaint, all Penalties will be charged ONLY to you. In accordance with the Law No. 6563 (ETK) issued on May 1, 2015, you should not send SMS to any user with whom you do not have a commercial relationship. The RED Right is a convenience that you will offer to your Customers who only want to leave your Portfolio. DATA SHARING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


The first rule you should pay attention to when choosing a company is the STH license. You should stay away from all companies that do not specify the STH license. Although all companies that do not specify this license potentially do not make their submissions, they can reduce your SMS by pretending to send it in their reporting, share your contacts information with other people or institutions in exchange for money and expose you to criminal liability.

Another way to identify illegal firms other than licensing is through pricing policies. You need to stay away from a firm that claims to serve its raw costs with seriously low figures, despite the conditions we have outlined below. The only way these firms can do business at the cheap prices mentioned above is to reduce your credits with numbers that are not sent with algorithms running in the background but are said to be sent in the report. Since this is done programmatically, you do not have any chance to detect or notice it. A company that provides bulk SMS and electronic communication services cheaper than it should be cannot be trusted.


You can reach the raw cost information determined by BTK for the working conditions directly related to the operators by clicking here . These costs determined by BTK are tax-free prices. 18% VAT, 15% income tax and 15% SCT are applied on top of the cost prices. In order to reduce the costs of a company providing bulk SMS and electronic communication services to these levels, it is necessary to have a direct operator connection. The conditions and costs of direct interconnection to the operators are given below.

• Infrastructure costs: SMC SMS software and add-ons worth 280.000 €,
• Company capital + 1.000.000 TL collateral to operators,
• Servers to which the E1 connection cable and cards are connected. Server monthly allocation fee 7.050 € + VAT,
• Teknotel server hosting cost, 15.000 € per month,
• Technical personnel cost,
• Cost of administrative staff,
• Software team cost,
• 24/7 support team cost

Apart from this cost, all STH companies are obliged to pay 0.35% of their annual gross turnover to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs and 1% to BTK. STH licenses of companies that do not make these payments regularly are canceled.

When SCT, VAT and income tax are added to all these costs, high costs arise. Despite these legal obligations and expenses, do not give credence to companies that give prices below their cost on a unit price basis in order not to be a victim.